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Who Are We?

Well “We” is a bit of a misnomer, its more “I”.

The game was developed by Rob Miracle, a computer programer who’s been programming computer games on and off for over 30 years starting with helping a college friend write “Star Trek”, the old ASCII game for a Radio Shack TRS-80 computer.  Since then he’s built single and multi-player games as well as taught others game programming, this includes 10 years of professional game development working on various board and MMORPG games.   He has recently fallen in love with the Apple iPhone and has gotten back into game development for the iOS devices.

Of course it takes more than one person to bring a production to life.  From Artwork to Playtesting to Investment, other people have worked to bring OmniBlaster to life.

A few need to be thanked here as well.

Thanks to Judy Hammer for her artwork additions to the game.

Thanks to the amazing Starri for your support for without you I could not have done this.

Thanks to Rob’s wife Sherry and sons Brandon and Chris for their support through this.   They’ve picked things around the house to allow Rob to spend the time to bring this game to fruition, and having two additional iPhones in the house and frequent gamers for advice and input helps.

Also a big round of thanks goes out to my testers!

  • Travis Campbell
  • Steve Charles
  • Joe Hocking
  • Brandon Miracle
  • Clint Richards
  • Scott Stonefield

Credit is also due to http://OpenGameArt.org who’s artwork inspired the game.  Also thanks to NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) as well as NASA/JPL-Caltech for being awesome scientists and engineers who’ve provided the stunning backgrounds from the Hubble Space Telescope and the Spitzer Space Telescope and for their generosity in making the images public domain.

Beyond the game, credit needs to also be mentioned to the fine team at WordPress for building an incredible platform to build websites upon (which leads to also thanking the PHP, MySQL and Apache teams as well).  Thanks to Paul Irish and John Resig for the incredible jQuery library and to Paul for taking it a step further and creating Modernizr and the HTML5 Boilerplate.

The game was developed with AnscaMobile‘s Corona SDK.