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NOOK App : Omniblaster

How to Play

To move your ship, tilt your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch side to side. The faster you tilt, the faster your ship moves. Minor movements will make minor movements.

You have a limited number of energy shields to protect you from attacking enemies and asteroids. They will automatically regenerate over time if they’ve not been hit recently. You do have to give your flight engineer time to fix them before you bust them up again! If you loose a life or at the beginning of a new level, they automatically recharge to full.

Speaking of lives… You have 5 lives to get you through the game. Once you lose your last life, the game is over; if you’ve managed a high score, you will get that score added to the leader board. Future versions will let you share your score on Twitter and Facebook as well as the Apple Game Center.

To help defeat the enemy, you have two weapon choices. Your main weapon is a  “Phased Blaster Cannon” that shoots a burst of high energy.  You can only fire them so fast, as it takes time to recharge their energy cells. They will recharge faster when you destroy things as your ship’s able to feed off of that energy.

You also have a Neutron Torpedo. This is a slow moving missile, but it does more damage. Different targets will take more or less damage to destroy: small asteroids and most small ships can be killed with a single blaster hit; larger imperial ships and big asteroids will take multiple hits to destroy. If your weapons hit the enemy’s weapons, they destroy each other.

Speaking of asteroids, there are some special asteroids that show up periodically that you want to capture as your flight engineer can capture them and use them to improve your weapons and shields.   These are:

  • Ruby – Red Asteroid – Recharges your shields.
  • Emerald – Green Asteroid – Gives you armor piercing blasters for 30 seconds.
  • Gold – Yellow Asteroid – Gives you more powerful, faster torpedoes.  Your flight engineer can convert 5 torpedoes per gold nugget caught and your ship can hold up to 10.  Your regular torpedoes are unlimited.
  • Diamond – Blue Asteroid – Gives you impenetrable shields for 30 seconds.

Periodically, a larger, more damaging imperial ship will show up. You must defeat the larger ship to advance to a new level.

As you advance levels, you go up in rank. Your highest rank will be recorded in the score board.  If you survive to finish your 5th wave, you will be awarded a more powerful, 2 blaster ship.  If you finish level 10, then you will get a 3 blaster ship.  These are unlock rewards that you keep for future game play.

Now lets go blow some stuff up!