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Release Notes

OmniBlaster 1.8 is now live in the iTunes app store and in Google Play!

1.8 Release notes

  • More graphics upgraded to Retina quality.
  • Fire buttons are a bit smaller now.  The only extend about half way up the screen and don’t extend to near the center.  This is in preparation for some new features in 1.9
  • Fire buttons now show a light box around the hit area so you can see where the button is actually hitable.  Not sure if this feature will stay or if it will be a first run only feature.
  • MIRVs!  A new Purple power up asteroid grants your ship super missiles that have 3 warheads instead of the larger missiles that the the gold rocks provide.   MIRVs will stack on top of your super torpedoes and when you run out of MIRVs you will fall back to your stock of super torpedoes and when you run out of those you fall back to the endless supply of the small missiles.

1.7 Release Notes

  • Changed the blasters to fire continuously while you hold your finger down.
  • All graphics, where practical have been upgraded to support the new iPad’s retina display for the paid version.
  • Fixed a text display issue on the Hanger deck
  • Fixed a text display issue on the Settings screen.

1.6 Release Notes

  • Native Game Center support!!! Dropped Openfeint for iOS customers.
  • Updated the code to support the new iPad’s retina display.

1.5 Release Notes

  • Updated the High Scores screen to move the text to a spot that was not covering up other text.
  • Misc bug fixes.
  • Changed ad provider in the Lite version

1.4 Release Notes

  • Maintenance release, several minor bugs fixed.

1.3 Release Notes

  • Bug Fixes
  • The two larger ships now hold more megaTorpedoes.
  • A new “Hanger Deck” shows you ships you’ve earned and you can now play with any ship you’ve earned.  Previously you could only play with the last ship you earned.
  • In the lite version of the game, it catches up with all the 1.2 features and bug fixes.
  • The lite game is now ad supported.  A mere 99 cents gets you the full game and gets rid of the ads.  What a deal!

1.2 Release Notes

Several bugs were fixed including

  • achievements given out at the wrong time.
  • Level 13 was not selectable on the level select screen
  • Using Turbo Boost to ram a level boss resulted in the game being unplayable
  • Better timer control when resuming from a suspend

New and Improved Features

  • Locks now appear over locked levels on the level select screen to indicate those levels are locked.
  • Enemy fighter ships would not hunt all the way to the side, so players could hide on the sides and face less enemies.
  • The default sensitivity was set to 1, which was way too slow.  Sensitivity now defaults to the middle value.
  • The game also defaulted to easy mode, it now defaults to medium mode.
  • Retina/HD quality text
  • Added new backgrounds to keep the advancing levels more interesting
  • New Fonts!
  • New indicator of how many megaTorpedos you have.
  • New gauges showing how much time you have left for your armor piercing blasters and turbo shields.


1.1 Release Notes

Here is what you can expect:

Bug Fixes

Of course, there are bugs to be fixed:

  • Armor Piercing blasters would sometime stick.  Of course this seems like an advantage for the player, but it was really a handicap as it would take out power ups.
  • Getting past level 12 would cause the game to crash when trying to save the score.
  • For several levels between level 18 and 24, the level boss’s weapons would fire along the right site.
  • It was possible if you died while fighting a boss, that you would not get any enemies the next level.
  • One enemy fighter was too small and its weapon fire appeared to happen from behind it.
  • Super Torpedoes were supposed to be faster than regular torpedoes but they were not and this has been resolved.

Improvements in Game Play have been added:

  • When shooting an enemy and you hit their weapons, previously it would only take out one of the disruptor bursts.  Now all of that ship’s disruptors are killed.
  • When enemies gained additional disruptors to fire, they also increased in speed.  This created too big of a jump in difficulty.
  • The level bosses used to just come down the middle of the screen and sit there waiting for you to blow them up.  You could skirt the boss, blowing up enemies and collecting power ups boosting your score.  The boss now hunts you.
  • The above changes made the game too easy.  As such the following changes have been made to balance out the game play.
    • Carbon Shields and Armor Piercing blasters now last for 20 seconds instead of 30
    • Overall game speed was increased, but flattened out at later levels.
    • The number of starting enemies at earlier levels have been increased
    • You used to get a new life back every level you beat. You now only get a new life every 4 levels

Improved Graphics:

  • All non-play screens have gotten iPad and Retina level graphics.  There are still a few buttons that are using scaled up graphics.  This represented the bulk of the graphics that looked scaled up on the iPad.
  • The main menu has gotten all new buttons with up and down states for them.
  • Explosions were improved.
  • Blaster fire was improved.
  • When you defeated a end of level capital ship, the game would just stop while everything blew up then restarted with the next wave.  The game now appears to continue moving along.
  • Minor animations have been added
  • Settings screen has new buttons.

New Features:

  • You will have the ability to move your ship forward/backward in addition to side to side.
  • Help has been expanded to be more visual and cover the various power ups.
  • Help will also automatically appear the very first time you run the game to guide new players through learning how to play.
  • The game supports several achievements that can be collected during game play.
  • High Score leaderboards and achievements are now recorded through the Open Feint service.
  • Open Feint provides social networking tools like being able to post your scores to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Open Feint also integrates with Apple’s Game Center, so your achievements and scores also appear in Game Center.
  • You can now rate the game, with a single button to click through to the App Store!  Thank you!
  • There are now controls for sensitivity and difficulty.