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The Story . . .

It’s the year 2104.  You are a member of the Virgo Star Alliance.  You’ve just completed your training at the Alliance Navel Academy and you’ve been assigned to your first Star Fighter Carrier group and ready to take your StarRaider out for some training missions when war breaks out with the Korgon Empire.

The Korgons are upright-bipeds like yourself, though they are more lizard than human who look strikingly close to the Komodo Dragon from Terra (Earth).   They are an aggressive species who believes in destroy first and don’t worry about what’s next.

Their fleet of Imperial ships, destroyers, cruisers and dreadnaughts are making way into the Virgo Cluster which is where your sun Sol and home world Terra (Earth) call home.  Everyone is being called into action and its your turn to suit up and take your StarRaider out to kick a little Korgon Tail (yes, they do have tails and they used them well!).

Weapons Hot. You have permission to fire and fire often.